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  Barolo Bosco Agostino
  Barolo Bosco Agostino
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BAROLO: complex wine to be consumed long after its vintage, but whose typical Piedmontese character shows from the day it is sold.
Garnet red in colour with good intensity;
Aromas of prunes and small fruits, light hints of liquorice and spices;
Full-bodied and well-orchestrated, with a faintly tannic hint indicating long shelf life.
LANGHE NEBBIOLO RUREM: Ruby red colour not very intense, delicate aroma, fruity, floral with hints of violet, and most of all wild berries and raspberries and a lightly spiced vein brought out by presence of oak barrels. The flavour is full and dry with a lightly tannic vein that renders this wine pleasant all around.
BARBERA D'ALBA VOLUPTA: adaptable to consumption of up to 5-6 years after vintage, but is best enjoyed after 2-3.
Ruby red colour with good tonality;
Complex and pronounced aroma with overtones of red berry jam well-integrated with spiced fragrances;
Robust body, well-orchestrated with a touch of tartness that makes it refreshing and pleasant.
DOLCETTO D'ALBA VANTRIN: early-drinking wine appropriate for consumption within 3 years of production, preferably 1-2 years after its vintage.
Ruby red colour with deep, purplish tinge;
Aroma is elegant and pronounced, with pleasant fruity scents from which that of cherry stands out in particular;
Firmly structured and well-orchestrated flavour with adequate acidity and pleasantly bitterish aftertaste.
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